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Birth Control Specialist

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With so many different birth control methods available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. At Oza Family Care and Wellness Center in Houston, Vijay Oza, MD, offers a wide range of birth control solutions to fit your unique lifestyle and reproductive needs. For more information on birth control or to schedule a pregnancy test, call Oza Family Care and Wellness Center or book an appointment online today.

Birth Control Q & A

What is birth control?

Birth control describes different methods used to prevent pregnancy. There’s a wide range of birth control options available, including temporary, long-term, and permanent solutions.

At Oza Family Care and Wellness Center, Dr. Oza works closely with you to select the best form of birth control to protect you from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

How does birth control work?

Birth control prevents pregnancy in different ways depending on the type you choose.

Some birth control methods use hormones. These types of birth control work by preventing your eggs from being released, thinning your uterine lining, or thickening your cervical mucus to keep sperm from reaching your egg. Other forms of birth control create a barrier or kill the sperm before it can reach your egg.

You can also track your menstrual cycle to identify high-risk periods for pregnancy and then avoid sexual intercourse at these times. This approach is sometimes called the rhythm method or periodic abstinence.

Permanent forms of birth control like female sterilization prevent your egg from reaching the uterus by permanently closing or blocking your fallopian tubes.

What types of birth control are available?

There are numerous birth control methods available depending on your personal circumstances, lifestyle, and age. Popular birth control methods available through Dr. Oza include:

  • Oral contraceptives
  • Depo-Provera® injections
  • Implanon® implants
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Diaphragms or cervical caps with spermicide
  • Tubal ligation, or surgical sterilization

In addition to these birth control methods, there are several you can get without a prescription. These include male and female condoms, sponges, and spermicides.

Oza Family Care and Wellness Center also offers in-house pregnancy testing.

Are there side effects or risks with birth control?

It’s important to discuss your birth control needs with Dr. Oza because each birth control method comes with its own advantages and risks. Some contraceptives, like condoms, are more effective at preventing STDs. Others, like IUDs, are better at preventing pregnancy.

Some birth control options can also increase your risk of developing certain conditions, such as:

It’s also common for certain birth controls to cause headaches, breast tenderness, weight gain, cramps, and bleeding.

Dr. Oza works closely with you to select the best form of birth control based on your overall health and reproductive goals.

To get the right birth control for you, or for convenient pregnancy testing, call Oza Family Care and Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online today.