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Eczema Specialist

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If you have red and itchy skin flare-ups that last a long time, it could be a sign of eczema. At Oza Family Care and Wellness Center in Houston, Vijay Oza, MD, and his team can help patients of all ages relieve and manage uncomfortable eczema outbreaks. To learn more about controlling your eczema symptoms, call Oza Family Care and Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online today.

Eczema Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a chronic condition that causes your skin to become itchy and red.

Healthy skin protects you from irritants, allergens, and bacteria while also retaining moisture. When you have eczema, you have a gene that disrupts these skin protections.

While eczema is most common in children, it can occur at any age. Your risk of developing eczema is higher if you have a family history of the condition or allergies, asthma, or hay fever.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

While eczema symptoms can vary, the most common include:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Patches of red to brownish-gray in various areas of your body
  • Small, fluid-filled bumps that leak and crust over
  • Sensitive and raw skin from scratching

In many cases, areas of your skin can become cracked, thickened, and scaly. You might also find your itching is worse at night.

When left unmanaged, eczema can lead to a variety of health complications. The chronic itching can lead to sores and cracks, leaving you vulnerable to skin infections. You can also suffer from poor sleep quality because of the constant itching.

Having eczema also increases your risk of asthma and hay fever. More than half of children with eczema develop these additional conditions by the time they turn 13.

How is eczema diagnosed and treated?

Dr. Oza usually diagnoses eczema by physically examining your skin and discussing your family medical history. In some cases, he may recommend additional tests to rule out other skin conditions.

Based on the extent of your eczema, Dr. Oza might recommend a variety of treatments to manage your condition, including:

  • Antibacterial or corticosteroid creams or ointments
  • Oral medications to control inflammation
  • Light therapy for controlled exposure to natural sunlight
  • Behavioral modification and biofeedback to address habitual scratching

Dr. Oza also recommends lifestyle modifications to reduce your itching and soothe your skin. These techniques include moisturizing, avoiding scratching, taking oatmeal baths, and avoiding soaps with dyes, perfumes, and harsh chemicals. It’s also important to manage your anxiety and stress because these often cause eczema to worsen.

To learn more about living with and managing eczema, call Oza Family Care and Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online today.